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How does one go about introducing herself? I suppose to put it all concisely, I am a Christian high school senior who is committed to living my life according to God’s Word.

So here I am. Starting to blog. {Again.}

Yes — that’s right. I have blogged before, but I never stuck with it.

So why am I starting again?

Because the truth is, I wish I had stuck with it. {Or at least started up again sooner.}

I know — junior high blogs are… well…. junior high. So maybe it’s a good thing I temporarily quit. ;) I hope that my content will have matured considerably.

Taking my thoughts and experiences and putting them into words is something that I am not very good at, but that I want to be good at. Blogging is an excellent way to stretch myself in that area.

Also, I want this to be an interactive blog. Although I stopped publishing a blog, I never stopped following blogs. So I can say that if there is one thing that makes a blog attractive, it is when there is interaction. I like to see a question or two at the end of a post to prompt discussion. I may not be creative enough to come up with a question for every post — there will probably be posts that don’t even require discussion — but I still want YOUR thoughts.

I do not know what all I will be posting about, but right now I am planning on doing mostly spiritual/personal growth-related topics. I am currently planning on only posting once or twice a week.

Well, there you have it. I recognize the fact that I am an amateur blogger, so I am open to suggestions — if you see anything that I could make better, let me know!!! I would also love it if you would add me to your blog feed or subscribe by email in my sidebar.

Confession: this is a little intimidating to me. I feel inadequate, yet very excited to get started. Clicking on the “Publish” button here is going to be pretty scary…

So now it’s your turn:

Is there anything you can see that could use improvement (in my sidebar, ‘about’ page…)? What kind of content would you most like to see here?