How does one go about introducing herself? I suppose to put it all concisely, I am a Christian high school senior who is committed to living my life according to God’s Word.

So here I am. Starting to blog. {Again.}

Yes — that’s right. I have blogged before, but I never stuck with it.

So why am I starting again?

Because the truth is, I wish I had stuck with it. {Or at least started up again sooner.}

I know — junior high blogs are… well…. junior high. So maybe it’s a good thing I temporarily quit. ;) I hope that my content will have matured considerably.

Taking my thoughts and experiences and putting them into words is something that I am not very good at, but that I want to be good at. Blogging is an excellent way to stretch myself in that area.

Also, I want this to be an interactive blog. Although I stopped publishing a blog, I never stopped following blogs. So I can say that if there is one thing that makes a blog attractive, it is when there is interaction. I like to see a question or two at the end of a post to prompt discussion. I may not be creative enough to come up with a question for every post — there will probably be posts that don’t even require discussion — but I still want YOUR thoughts.

I do not know what all I will be posting about, but right now I am planning on doing mostly spiritual/personal growth-related topics. I am currently planning on only posting once or twice a week.

Well, there you have it. I recognize the fact that I am an amateur blogger, so I am open to suggestions — if you see anything that I could make better, let me know!!! I would also love it if you would add me to your blog feed or subscribe by email in my sidebar.

Confession: this is a little intimidating to me. I feel inadequate, yet very excited to get started. Clicking on the “Publish” button here is going to be pretty scary…

So now it’s your turn:

Is there anything you can see that could use improvement (in my sidebar, ‘about’ page…)? What kind of content would you most like to see here?


2 responses to “Beginnings

  • Emily

    We should see if we can get the ad out of your post… You should put your personalized swagbucks thing on your sidebar so maybe you can get referrals. I’ll have to think on other ideas. Quotes. No blog is complete without at least 5 good quotes on the side bar. **goes to count quotes**

  • Buttercup

    Welcome to the blogging world, Erica! I really, truly hope you enjoy blogging! I sure have! I’ve been your sister Emily’s blogger friend for forever, hope I can be yours also!

    Girl, every blogger wishes and hopes for tons of comments, but the truth is…you usually don’t get them. Many times I work for hours on single post, trying to make it as encouraging and challenging as I can; do I usually get even one comment? No, but I can still pray that God will use my post to bless fellow believers, unbelievers also for that matter!

    So I guess I’ll just leave you with this one encouragement – blog for the glory of God. Don’t worry about what other people think. Don’t fret when you lose followers – trust me! I’ve had many leave! God is in control, and He will work through you if you are truly following Him.

    If you need help with anything, feel free to holler! I have blogger, never done a wordpress, so with technical stuff I don’t know how much I’ll be able to help – or if you even need help! Wanted to throw that out there nonetheless. :)

    In Christ alone,

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